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Low Testosterone Symptoms in Men

Testosterone is one of the hormones that are produced by the body. In a man,
the hormone is mainly produced in the testicles and plays a key role in several
processes such as sperm production and building of bone mass and muscle growth. As men
advance in age, the production of testosterone tends to decrease and can result
in several symptoms & complications. In most cases, the symptoms of low testosterone
are subtle and tend to be mistaken as a natural part of the aging process.

Signs of Low Testosterone (T) in Men 

1. Low libido

Testosterone plays an important role in a man’s sex drive. While it’s normal for most men to experience a decline in libido to varying degrees as they age, someone with low levels of the hormone will likely experience a dramatic drop in their desire to have sexual intercourse, which can be noticed by the partner or even themselves. In addition, during sex, low T can make it a lot difficult for a man to have an orgasm.

2. Low semen volume

The essential hormone also plays a role in semen production, the fluid that helps in the motility of sperm. Generally, the higher the levels of testosterone one has, the higher the volume of semen he produces. When you have low T, you’ll notice a massive decrease in the volume of your sperm during ejaculation.

3. Fatigue

Another symptom associated with low testosterone in men is fatigue and noticeable decrease in body energy. If you feel tired most of the time despite having enough sleep, or are finding it a little harder and less motivated to workout, you might be experiencing these symptoms of low T.

4. Increased body fat

Men with low levels of the hormone also tend to experience a noticeable increase in their body fat. While the science behind this is not entirely clear, studies have shown that the same genes that control your body fat percentage are responsible for circulating testosterone levels in the body.

5. Reduced bone mass

Osteoporosis, a condition where one’s bones become weak is often thought to occur in women only.

However, men with low testosterone can also experience loss of bone as the hormone
aids in both bone production and strengthening. Additionally, those with low levels, particularly older men who’ve had low T for many years, are highly susceptible to fractures in the hip, ribs, wrists and feet.

6. Loss of hair

Believe it or not, the hormone is plays a role hair production. While balding is relatively normal and natural part of aging for most men, the majority of those with low hormonal levels may experience a premature loss of body & facial hair.

7. Mood changes

Women tend to experience changes in their mood (commonly called mood swings) during menopause when the levels of estrogen fall. Men with low T can also have similar symptoms. The hormone is often considered as a “fuel” for a man as it drives numerous physical processes in his body.

However, it also influences their mood & mental capacity. Studies show that men with low levels of testosterone are highly likely to experience irritability, lack of focus or even depression.

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